Esmod jakarta fashion business plan

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Program International Fashion & Luxury Brand Management

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Experienced fashion designer with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry. Skilled in Trend Analysis, Production Problem Solving and Management.

Strong arts and design professional with a Diploma focused in Fashion/Apparel Design from Esmod Jakarta. Fashion Business Basic A course to acquire the basics in the fashion industry such as product knowledge, sales promotion, and fashion business know-how, and to improve the communication skills indispensable to a professional.

To be in fashion is to be a misfit. We encourage standing out. Make friends for life with like minded, unique individuals & inspire each other on and off ESMOD Jakarta’s campus.

Graduated from Mix Multimedia in New York and Fashion Design at ESMOD Jakarta, Ezra Natalia spent her productive years focusing on fashion designing, garment, journalistic, creative media.

Fashion Business Department. Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Event LaSalle College Jakarta di Jakarta Fashion Week video profile of LaSalle College Indonesia. Portfolios Irresistible. by Stefanus Derisco. Voila Apartment.

by Citra Aysar. Ladies on Suit. by Dionisius Widjaja. ESMOD Jakarta It has many programs for those who want to be a professional fashion designer or entrepreneurs. There are 3-years full college programs for fashion design and creation, 1 year intensive program for fashion design and pattern drafting, 3 years full college program for international fashion business, and 9 short courses for.

Esmod jakarta fashion business plan
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